4 ways Little Daniel's Den is fun for kids


Kids can have fun here

Friend meetings

Fun with clothes

Fun out of Little Daniel's Den*


Kids can have fun too! Kids can play with the toys*** while their parents buy stuff! Sometimes Kids can get stuff like candy on Halloween [10/31]. Don't forget SALES!!!!! Kids can have a fun time playing with toys. We can close doors and gates to keep the kids from wandering away while you shop.

Friends can meet at Little Daniel's Den*, They can have a great time! Parents can have a good time talking to the other parents**! Friends playing while parents shop can be a great way to entertain your kids!

The fun continues with clothes! Kids can have a good time trying on new clothes and shopping! Some kids can have a great time looking at clothes***! Some kids can try new clothes on and have fun***. Clothes can be more fun than you think!

The fun isn't just in Little Daniel's Den*! When you buy clothes and bring them home, the fun continues! If you buy costumes***, you can have fun at home. Or you could buy regular clothes*** and your kid could get complements from other people at school, at home, or at a friend's house! Kids can pretend they are something else because their clothes have just the right colors! Buy colorful things and Little Daniel's Den*.***

Foot Notes

*Link to Home page

** The more parents talk, the more time the kids can play, the more time spent in Little Daniel's Den*

*** Come back for more later, new stuff always comes in