Velcro Victory

Prior to opening my children’s consignment store I couldn't have cared less about cleaning shoe bottoms or fixing buttons or salvaging linty, thready, muss-covered Velcro.

Now I do.

I want my customers to feel confident about their purchases at Little Daniel's Den, especially the pre-owned items. It can be off-putting when someone purchases an LL Bean winter jacket or a swaddle blanket or a pair of cute shoes and the Velcro bits are a tacky mess. Therefore I usually take time I don't really have to spare to spruce up those things which I know a little love will enhance.

It is not fun.

At all.

Until today.

I have discovered a GAME CHANGER when it comes to cleaning Velcro, and I want to share it with all of you.

A consignor brought in an adorable polka-dot Boppy Pillow, but the cover’s Velcro

sections harbored some mussy party-crashers.

After a little web research, I landed on a post that listed 9 ways to clean good ol’ hook-n- loop.

They suggested using a lint brush, duct tape, and some finger-pickin' elbow grease.

Yeah, those ideas didn’t work well enough for what I needed. But there was one other idea that seemed like it was worth a shot...

And it is brilliant!

Use the jagged end of a tape dispenser to gently scrape away all the lint, threads and hair! I found metal tape cutters (like you find on packing tape dispensers, work better than plastic ones, like those on narrower disposable tape dispensers. Just be careful that you don’t snag the surrounding fabric. It works like a dream!

I’m off to scrape some Velcro.