STEP 1 > Register as a consignor

> We want to make sure consigning is pain-free, so to keep things tidy  we ask that you review all of our policies and agree to our terms

before committing. Request a digital Consignment Contract here.

> Review our current Consignment Contract. Agree to the terms by        filling out the contact info form which follows the digital contract.

> Our policy relating to COVID-19 is that you must contact us to schedule a pick-up of your items.

Consigning your items at Little Daniel's Den is as easy as

  1  2  3


> Once you've registered and scheduled your pick-up, go through

your items and remove any with stains, rips, odors, missing

components, as well as any pieces that show signs of wear.

Pro Tip: Stand by a sunny window to catch sneaky stains.


> Give your remaining items a fresh wash before folding neatly

and packing in either a disposable bag or box.

*** This includes footwear and toys. ***

> Make sure items like shoes and boots are in separate bags or

boxes to protect any clothes you are transporting to us.

> Limit your pick-ups to no more than 3 bags/boxes at a time.

If you have more, select the most timely seasonal items for

this trip and then schedule the rest for another date.

STEP 3 > Enjoy THE Benefits of Consigning

> Pro Tip: Consignors can save 25% on all their future purchases.


                                                     > Stay home.  We've got it from here!  Little Daniel's Den will log

                                                        and tag your items to prepare them for resale.  It's what we do!

                                                     > We split the sale of your items with you based on how you opt

                                                         to be paid.  If you choose monthly checks, you will receive 40%

                                                         of your sales.  If you choose store credit, you will be able to use

                                                         50% of your sales, which includes our online inventory.


                                                     > Use your earnings to buy groceries, save up for a vacation, and

                                                        (of course) shop for your growing kids at Little Daniel's Den!


Be like this wise owl and educate

yourself about what we sell at Little Daniel's Den.

That way, you'll feel confident knowing Your items will fit right in with our Inventory.

We'll have more time to focus on selling your items, and you'll earn more money in the long run!

So Explore our Online store Often.

It's no coincidence that our best consignors are also our best customers!

Size 6m CARTER’S Red Plaid Fleece Hoodie

Size 6m CARTER’S Red Plaid Fleece Hoodie


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